Déjà vu: Union Busting
2012: After Obama’s reelection, some Texans suggest their only option for success is secession from the Union.
1860: South Carolinians call Lincoln’s presidency an act of aggression; insist upon immediate dissolving of the republic.

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Best representation of elections:


(via Master debaters News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel)

Great real-time election night drawings by Wendy McNaught. NPR invited her to their DC headquarters to draw their coverage as it was happening. 
(via Master debaters News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel)

my best friend gave me this as a birthday card. she understands.
"No one had done a campaign Tumblr before, obviously, so we didn’t entirely know how it would go. [And] because Tumblr is a younger community, and a bit more obscure, we had more freedom to do stuff we wouldn’t necessarily do elsewhere."

— Laura Olin, who served as Obama for America’s outbound director and managed the Obama campaign’s Tumblr account, in The Atlantic’s article on how Tumblr served as a unique outreach platform during the 2012 election. (via prweek)

(via The Campaign Tumblr Is Dead! (Long Live the Campaign Tumblr!) - Megan Garber - The Atlantic)

A cell phone, held front of a computer screen, displays Barack Obama’s tweet in Paris, France, after his re-election as US president on November 7, 2012. Barack Obama brought his sophisticated social media campaign to an emotional climax, proclaiming his victory on Twitter and Facebook just as TV networks were breaking the news. The post was his most re-tweeted — 472,000 shares in three hours — according to Twitter’s politics account @gov. It was also the most popular ever, topping a message from singer Justin Bieber, website BuzzFeed said. (Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images)

The results are in.
See the different ways technology has captured this moment in history — through photos, blog commentary, or through interactive graphics. After all this political discourse the entire election season, it’s worth noting that because of technology and digital media we have so many different ways to view the results of the election and such a diverse range of feelings about it depending on the medium we choose to express it in. — C.C.